30th November 2015

Four times we wished we were mathematicians

Recently, while perusing the web, I came across a blog on Marketing entitled Why we shouldn’t pander to the idea that maths is future of marketing. In short, the gist was that if we become wholly consumed by numbers, we’ll become marketing robots and our whole ability to deliver campaigns that impact on a human level will disappear.

While I’m somewhat inclined to agree – marketing isn’t just maths – playing with numbers (and data) is now part of the day job. In fact, here are four times being a mathematician would be pretty darned useful:

1.Understanding customers. Who are they? What do they like? What do they eat for breakfast on a Wednesday morning? TGI data can help tell us this. But, I don’t know if you’ve ever been presented with a TGI report, reading and interpreting it certainly requires some numerical manipulation and understanding   JB

2. Proposals and budgeting


3. Surveys. Did you know 77% of builders said their favourite biscuit was a custard cream?*

Biscuit4. And finally, evaluation. Arguably one of the most important things we do involving reams of spreadsheets and producing fabulous graphs.


*May or may not be true

By Emma Sivakumaran, B2B Senior Account Manager