15th April 2016

Five Things I’ve Learnt From Tangerine – A Soppy, Farewell Blog

With only a week before I move onto a new career chapter, excited as I am, I’m feeling increasingly deflated about leaving good friends, supportive mentors and a bunch of genuinely lovely clients.

Tangerine was my first ‘proper’ job after university. So, not only has it been a huge learning curve into the world of work, it’s been the place I learnt pretty much everything I know about integrated communications.

Some of my favourite Tangerine hub blogs give an insight into life at Tangerine. Lots of new starters write a blog in their first week, giving an account of their busy induction days. Our Account Executive, Jody, also wrote a gorgeously honest blog about her time as an apprentice with The Juice Academy. Well now, with one week to go, it’s my turn!


(Me, on my first day at Tangerine)

To anyone thinking of applying for a role here, anyone soon to join, or anyone who’s new to the team, listen up. This is how to get the most out of your very energetic, very unique and extremely memorable role at Tangerine.

1. Remember, all ideas are good ideas

Sounds cliché but it’s true, everyone’s suggestions are taken seriously. Brainstorms at Tangerine include worker bees at all levels and tend to take obscure directions, but that’s when the real creativity comes out. It’s where we decide on stunt ideas, such as getting the Man United class of ‘92 to play football with the builders on Hotel Football’s unfinished roof, or risky (but massively successful) ideas like hitting Kanye West over the head with Twitter for Pizza Hut.

2nd 3rd

2. Divide and conquer

There’s a huge sense of team responsibility at Tangerine. So, if you’re struggling, or you’ve got 101 things to do, there’s always someone around to take a couple of tasks off your shoulder.

3. When times are tough, laugh. A lot

Honestly, there’s nothing more we enjoy at Tangerine than a good, hearty, belly laugh, especially at ourselves. Our internal ‘overheard at Tangerine’ stream is littered with priceless comments such as, “Is a date just a big raisin?” or “I don’t think lunch should be an agenda point…” My point is, we laugh a lot here, which definitely helps when the nature of our work can involve balancing pressure and busy days.

4th 5th

4. Talk to everyone and learn from them

It’s no secret that the senior bods here are extremely picky during recruitment. The result? People here are ridiculously good at their jobs; they care, they’re dedicated and genuinely want the best for every campaign. The team know their stuff. I’ve learnt something new every day here because people around are more than happy to share what they know. From editing videos and images to booking obscure venues for a press event, there’s a real hunger to develop and share skills at Tangerine. The personalities are okay too, I suppose…


5. In a crisis situation, slow down

Founder and Chair of Tangerine, Sandy Lindsay MBE, taught us this in a crisis training session two years ago and it’s stayed with me since. It’s true – everything is so much simpler when you take the time to assess the situation, all the factors, all the elements involved and carefully choose the route. Without going into detail, I’ve been part of, and witnessed, a fair few end-of-day-Friday calls from journalists. There’s never been an ‘eek that was awkward’ moment – Tangerine’s top dogs are experts in crisis comms.

Okay, enough gushing from me. The last piece of advice, is make the most of it! I’ve had an absolute blast. Thanks guys, for making me feel like I went from this…


…to this.


By Consumer Junior Account Manager, Molly Avigdor