13th October 2016

Five reasons why I #LoveConstruction

The construction industry, well, perhaps moreover, builders often get a bad rap. Unreliable, expensive and loutish are just some of the labels given to construction workers in the UK.

However, last week I had the privilege to judge the On The Tools awards and from reviewing the entries, there’s most definitely another side to the building industry.

Here’s why, in my (somewhat biased) view, I think everyone should love construction.

  • It brings people together

People like Addam Smith are a shining example of amazing community spirit. Addam, a landscaper from Lincoln, found out that one of his employees, Keith, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and managed to get 50 tradespeople together to renovate his house in just seven days. #Hero


  • It helps to keep the faith

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom recently, but you just have to look out the window to see examples of positivity and growth led by construction.


The actual view from the window of Tangerine Towers

  • It’s full of innovation and ideas

Technology is transforming the industry and opening up a world of possibilities.


Tangerine client, Topcon is using its UASs (drones for those not in the know) to help the National Trust restore woodlands

  • It doesn’t take itself too seriously

You only have to look at the On The Tools Facebook page or our recent work with Jewson to see it’s an industry that enjoys a laugh.

  • We’d be worse off without it

Economically, and in terms of health and wellbeing. Or as one of my colleagues put it so eloquently: ‘if we weren’t building, we’d be going backwards’.

And while, I promised you five, here’s a sixth…

  • They’ve mastered the art of the good cuppa


By Jo Hart, Senior B2B Account Director