24th March 2017

Final Day Musings – Northern Powerhouse Founding Female Trade Mission

It’s been a heck of a week!

I’m exhausted but delighted to have made the trip and I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned you can never had too many Peachtree Streets/Roads (there’s like 50 here), I’ve learned everything that applies to Southern America applies to the North of England (except the weather!) so I’ll be bringing y’all back with me, and I’ve learned you should never go drinking with a bunch of northern UK ladies the night before a day of business meetings (cough!)

But seriously (folks) I have learned SO much in my week here in Atlanta. My head is full of data and facts and stories about exporting to the US – the guys have literally packed in extraordinarily useful meetings with all sorts of advisors as well as those who’ve bought the t-shirt and succeeded already over here.  I’ve met amazing people from a wide variety of companies and organisations and they’ve all been so helpful – offering not only their own help but connections to their network. Everything seems possible and do-able and I will definitely be exploring these connections when I get back to the UK.

We’ve met people from across the many large companies that Atlanta houses, including – of course – Coca-Cola and our own Sage and I met a few marketing and digital companies to pick their brains on the opportunities, and we even met Atlanta’s mayor last night – a brilliant, larger-than-life character who we all instantly fell in love with (Sean/Andy – you have a lot to live up to!)

sandy blog 4

I’ve also had my eyes opened to the Department for International Trade (previously the UKTI) and the services that they offer to UK businesses – coupled with organisations such as local Chambers and British Consulate offices. I obviously knew they were ‘there’ but hadn’t really previously engaged that much – this will now definitely change.

At Tangerine we already work globally with a number of clients but this week has made me reconsider the wider opportunity and I’ll be having discussions with my Board and my Leadership Team when I get back and I know I’ll be pushing on an open door.

Today we’re off to the offices of CNN and Triumph motorcycles for final sessions before heading to the airport for an overnight flight home.

So if you ever get the chance to try one of these things – trade missions – my recommendation would definitely be to jump in with both feet and try it. It’s a commitment – a whole week out of the office, yes, but most definitely worth it.

Thanks DIT team – y’all keep in touch now! :-)

By Sandy Lindsay MBE, Chair, Tangerine and The Juice Academy