22nd September 2017

Fashion and social media: a Q&A with Eve Jones from The Sisterhood


As LFW comes to a close after another fashion fabulous year, we hung up our headsets and caught up with Manchester based fashion label The Sisterhood to learn how social media is a MUST in the fashion game.

The Sisterhood, originating from Eve Jones’ passionate project following university, has developed into a thriving business. With retailers such as Topshop and ASOS backing the brand and its ethos as well as its feminine, sleek and detailed designs, Eve has built up a worldwide following with customers from the USA, Australia, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the UK to name a few.

We chatted to Eve about how the brand was created and how social media has played a big part in its overall success.


How did you start out in the fashion industry?

I did a Fashion BA at Manchester Met University and, after graduating, luckily got my first designing job in China.  It set me up with a great first experience in the fashion industry.

Sisterhood is a really cool brand, can you tell us a bit more about the ethos and story behind it?

Our main aim is to create individual, sassy pieces to make the women who wear them feel truly empowered – there’s nothing quite like an outfit that makes you feel like you can take over the world. We are also really passionate about mother earth and take being eco-friendly very seriously. We use fabrics from a market who sells on unused stock and waste fabric and everything from our office supplies to packaging is recycled and recyclable! We want to give your eco conscience a rest!

Sisterhood started as an online website and has expanded ever since, can you tell us a bit about the platforms and retailers that you work with to sell your designs?

Yeah, within 3 months of launching we applied to sell as a boutique on ASOS Marketplace and the exposure and feedback has been incredible! It’s definitely a great way for new brands to reach more customers all over the world. We also launched our first concession in Topshop Manchester in July this year which is really exciting.

And how has social media played a part in the brand?

Social media, especially Instagram, has played a huge part for us. I started off building my customer base and following on Instagram a year before we launched and I think having that initial following really helped us grow. I’d say most of our online sales come from Instagram.


You recently collaborated with ASOS Marketplace on a blog and an Instagram story, can you tell us a bit about that?

Yeah they got in touch with me in July after my latest range had just launched and asked if they could come to our office space and interview me. It was so lovely to properly meet the girls behind the scenes as they really help brands push themselves and offer great support behind the scenes. It was the first time I’ve been officially interview about my experience in setting up the brand so it was really great to get my story out there to hopefully inspire others.

 Do you see results from social media?

Yeah I definitely see positive results from social media, Insta stories are great to snap your day to day moments and I definitely see click through from them. It is getting more difficult to get organic growth on social media. Facebook and Instagram now offer paid ads which we invest in to try and reach a wider customer base around the world.


What were your favourite trends from LFW September 2017?

I’m really loving all the bright vintage florals which are coming through and there are some really cool dressed down satins which are really feminine and sassy.

 Where do you think Sisterhood would be without social media?

To be honest, I don’t think I would have taken the plunge to launch without it. It plays such a crucial part for new brands and I can’t see that changing any time soon!

 Where do you think Sisterhood will be in 5 years’ time?

Hopefully we will have launched our first independent store by then. I also plan to grow the team and find more ways to decrease our eco impact. Eventually I’d love to set up my own factory to help women get steady, fair paid jobs in under developed countries.

How has the use of influencers helped The Sisterhood? Jessica Woodley from MIC and Chloe Careux to name a few are fans of the brand.

Influencers do really help you reach a different following on social media, I’ve managed to collaborate with some really great bloggers which I’m so grateful for. They also give you a variety of content and style your pieces in their own way so it’s nice to show your customers the diversity of your products.

Interview by Emma Bowkett, Account Executive