26th May 2016

#Cringin @ #VOTIN

I’m all for getting the younger generation involved in voting, our ancestors fought for it, but the recent #VOTIN campaign from the Remain campaign feels as though it has done more to alienate than engage people with Brexit over the past couple of days.

As the referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU edges closer, it seems the campaigning to encourage Brits to vote gets more desperate. From Boris’ various blunders to this week’s attempt at communicating with the ‘youth’ via a series of videos and posters removing the letter ‘g’ to ‘talk to young people as young people’. After a quick canvas of the agency, I found that I wasn’t the only one to find the campaign patronising.

Although I completely appreciate the concept behind it, engaging with the ‘easyJet’ generation is essential in securing future democracy, the tone doesn’t quite fit. Stereotyping a whole demographic with slang not only dumbs down the issue at hand but dumbs the party down too. One wonders whether young consumer groups were consulted at all in the messaging process.

If you’re asking young people to act like adults, and vote for what they believe in, you need to be talking to them like adults too.

By Heather Kenny, Consumer Senior Account Director