21st April 2015

Channel Your Inner Minion


This week Pantone Color Institute® announced the creation of a new official PANTONE Color, Minion Yellow. Inspired by the ‘sweet and subversive’ characters from the Despicable Me global film franchise, the Pantone Color Institute worked in partnership with the film’s animation team to identify the ‘most pure representation of the Minions’ iconic yellow colour’.


This is the latest of many initiatives the B2B brand has used to reinforce its ‘global colour authority’ positioning and I think it’s a very effective and engaging way of delivering this more serious thought leadership message.

Having worked with leading paint manufacturers over the years, I know a little bit about the challenges of making the latest launch of a ‘flat matt white’ interesting. But for many B2B companies, particularly those targeting automotive, paints, plastics, textiles and printing sectors, like PANTONE, it can be all too easy to play it safe, particularly for long established brands.

Some have got away with this for years, continuing to prosper with very little investment in brand or positioning. The problem is that the over the past 10 years, the B2B world has gone through the biggest shift in communication for decades. It’s no longer possible to ride of the back of a great product or indeed a monopoly on the market.

Across every sector, ambitious challenger brands are continuing to spring up that understand the importance of brand differentiation. They are shaking things up and communicating to audiences in more engaging ways, giving them a reason to make an emotional connection that goes beyond their want or need for a product or service.

This idea from PANTONE is a great example. The brand’s audiences will be bombarded with marketing and PR content from suppliers online and in their inbox that will just fade into white noise, whereas this will make them stop, read on (to the serious message) and maybe even share.

Of course, we’ve all seen many examples of brands trying to be ‘different’ and missing the mark completely. The key is to know who you are. Once you understand your brand’s personality and what it stands for, like PANTONE you’ll know what to do to make it stand out for the right reasons.

By Sam Gregory, Managing Director (B2B)