5th July 2017

How Can We Use Social Media to Amplify Events?

With Glastonbury over and Manchester International Festival in full swing, I’ve been thinking about how brands use social media to amplify their events.

Social media is a powerful tool and it can absolutely make or break an event, so it’s important we use it well. If you understand the three key stages and follow these top tips, social media will without a doubt be BAE (sorry…) when it comes to event marketing.


In the months and weeks running up an event, your main focus should be on building a buzz and driving attendance.

Who are you talking to?

First things first, as with every online campaign, you need to consider the event objective and understand your target audience. Which platforms do they use most? How can you use these platforms to achieve your objectives? Once you’ve identified this, you can think about the best campaign message and hashtag to make sure your audience is interested and engaged.

Build the hype

To build buzz, share teaser content and creative reveals. Video and images tend to be the most engaged content online. So, if you announce guest speakers and event activity in this format, you’re likely to increase your event reach dramatically.

Capitalise on competitions!

You can also try running giveaways to keep the excitement building. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my two years at Tangerine, it’s that the online community LOVE a competition. You would be silly not to capitalise on this, but you do need to be wary of ‘compers’. To prevent attracting this audience, you need to devise a mechanic that is relevant to your target audience.


During the event, your attention should be on trying to amplify the event activity by encouraging guests to share content and follow your brand or event page:


Display your event hashtag around the venue as much as possible. Think about how many pictures and selfies people take at events. If your attendees share this content and use the event hashtag, you’re going to reach out to a wide number of audiences with similar interests – WINNER!

User Generated Content (UGC)

To maximise the amount of UGC content shared at your event, you must have a well thought out event space with numerous bits of pre-designed, shareable content. It’ll take a little creativity to think about what will be right for your event, but think things like Instagram boards, props etc. Anything that will encourage people to take and share photos.


Even though your event is over, the online conversation is likely to still be on-going (if you’ve done it well 😉), so now is the time to focus on sharing press coverage and positive feedback.

Media Coverage

A large proportion of the post-event conversation will come from media coverage. Providing it’s positive, which I’m sure it will be, make sure to share the standout pieces. You’ve worked hard and it’s something to be proud of – so share it!


You’re going to get feedback no matter what. Enjoy and share the positive, but don’t ignore the negative. You’re best to let critics know that you value their feedback and will take it on board.

That’s all from me today folks, but good luck with your events! I look forward to seeing the hype online.

By Gemma Lockwood, Senior Content Executive