29th July 2016

How Can the Manufacturing Industry Attract the Best Young Talent?

According to a recent study by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte in the US, the technology industry tops the list for millennials choosing a career, while manufacturing languishes in seventh place.

Not too bad you might think but, when you consider that modern manufacturing is all about using the latest technology to innovate and problem solve, it seems the tech-savvy talent entering the job market is struggling to make the connection.

So how does the industry tempt tomorrow’s leaders and disruptors away from the ostensibly ‘bright and shiny’? Some leading manufacturers are tackling the challenge by repositioning the industry in the eyes of the next generation –with such deep seated perceptions, that’s no mean feat. Using social media, they are painting a new picture of 21st century manufacturing using credible and engaging content in the form of peer recommendation, employee stories and, most notably, rich media content.

Not only is this shifting perceptions about the industry as a whole, it’s also building a strong employer brand for a business, helping to showcase company culture and career opportunities. For manufacturers who really want to stand out, virtual and augmented reality can be used to really bring their businesses to life. Right now there are very few companies applying VR/AR tools in this way, so there is a real opportunity for forward thinking manufacturers to boost their appeal to the best young talent, and firmly eliminate any perceptions that the industry – and their business in particular – is in any way outdated.

By Sam Gregory, B2B Managing Director