30th October 2013

#Caketober – Tangerines know how to raise dough!

By By Hannah Ingram on Wednesday October 30, 2013

Thursday 24th October… Known as Wayne Rooney’s birthday, the anniversary of the final Concorde flight and United Nations Day.

But, even more exciting than this, it was also the day #Caketober descended on Tangerine Towers.

Thanks to generous donations from colleagues, clients and friends of the agency, we raised an amazing £775 (and still rising) for Forever Manchester – the charity for people with a passion for Manchester.

But of course, in return for said donations, we had the tricky task of eating cake. All day.

We added some spice to the recipe for our day though, and it was wooden spoons at dawn for a day of sugar-fuelled competition.

With certificates up for grabs for Best Flavour, Best Presentation and Ultimate WOW Factor, the Tangerines most certainly had their game faces on.

Even if they said they weren’t competitive.

A plethora of cakes, biscuits and chocolates arrived in the break out area to be looked at, sniffed and eaten – the judging panel had a hard job to do, but someone had to do it.

Key 103’s Paul Lockitt and The Business Desk’s Joanne Birtwistle joined forces with our very own Sandy, Sarah and Mary to put the treats to the test.

With comments such as “look at the crumb on that”, “it’s slightly dark around the edges”, “oh, the fork goes right through that” and “moist” flying around the boardroom, they took their roles very seriously.

Taking everything into account, they chose three worthy winners:

Best Presentation: Jo Dudley’s Cookie Monster Muffins

Best Flavour: Caroline Gibson’s Raspberry and White Chocolate Cookies

Ultimate WOW Factor: Becci Fahey’s Tangerine Cake Pops

We also had vintage homemade pinnies on sale and raffle prizes on display to raise extra funds. Here’s our apprentice, Dan, sampling the wares and taking one for the team:

To raise EVEN more, we also had a jar packed full of Freddos on display for Cadbury fans to guess just how many were inside:

The lucky winner was Caroline (a double winner on the day, if you will) who walked away with 69 whole Freddos, all to herself.

We’re now all eyeing up said jar and offering our services to ‘help’ her finish them.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to Tangerine Towers for a day of “it’s for charity, so I’ll take one of everything” – your money will make a big difference!