14th December 2014

A time for remembering friends, old and new

Tangerine Chair Sandy Lindsay takes pride in having played a part in the success of the next generation.

As this IS the season to be gushing, I hope you won’t mind if I get a little mushy?

I had a LinkedIn update this morning, telling me that one of the Manchester Masters students had been promoted to a senior management position at one of the leading media buying firms in Manchester.

(For those of you who don’t remember Manchester Masters, it was our programme to create jobs for graduates of Manchester universities, designed to let bright young things realise all the amazing opportunities in Manchester and that they didn’t need to disappear off down to London to have an amazing career.)

We followed this with our Creative Break programme – a way to get creative agencies to dip their toes in the water of apprenticeships – and now our multi award-winning (yes I know – tis the season to be showing off also – honest!) The Juice Academy.

You see, the fact is, once you start on these programmes which are essentially about giving young people a first foot onto the career ladder, it becomes a little bit addictive; well, it certainly has for us. For one thing, (way) back in the day, someone gave us a career break and so we try to do the same for others as often as we can and we find the benefits we receive in return are immense.

There’s very little more rewarding than seeing someone go from being completely new but shiny to growing in their own skin and becoming confident and successful as individuals, delivering value and benefit to their organisations or even starting their own.

A couple of obvious examples are the multi multi multi award-winning Sam from Tunafish. Sam won’t mind me telling you he was our ‘wild card’ on the first Manchester Masters cohort and is now running a hugely successful film production business and employing a team of bright young things himself!

A more recent example is our Rebecca, who came to us shy and quiet but bright as a button and now is happy to stand in front of any room as well as ‘work a room’ while networking, which is something to behold!

There’s lots of talk in the sector about skills gaps and lack of diversity but programmes like the above can help, so it’s been rewarding also to experience the amazing support the North West business community has given us when we’ve put up our hands and asked for it.

So, as it’s Christmas, I wanted to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who’s supported us over the years and to send a wish for 2015 and beyond for everyone we’ve met over the years, for continued success and happiness.

(OK, gush over – sorry!)