21st July 2017

6 tips for starting a career in Social Media

We might be biased, but we’d say there aren’t many careers out there which are as varied and exciting as the world of social media. If you’re interested in finding a job in social media, we’re here with some tips to help.

Run with your passions

The world of social media is fast paced and ever changing, so having a passion for the industry will ensure you choose the right path. Your drive will ultimately be key to your success – the industry is not without its challenges but can also be so rewarding too. It’s certainly never dull; work hard and play hard!

You don’t need a degree

Knowledge is power and there is a wealth of valuable free information out there.
Consider what you are looking for and call on Google (other search engines are available). Look for blog posts and whitepapers – if they’re relevant and recently published, they can do the hard work for you. Follow a tonne of industry influencers and enable notifications from reputable websites. Essentially surround yourself with a stream of quality, up to date information.

Jump in and give it a go

The best way to learn in this industry is to just do something, create an advert on Facebook, write a blog, create a mini video. Start with the free tools (Facebook ads manager, Hootsuite, Canva) before moving onto more advanced tools (Adobe Creative Suite and Social Listening Tools such as Radian 6, Meltwater or Falcon ). With a little creativity, free tools can go a long way. If money is tight, try trials. If you have a little budget, paid tools are getting more affordable and more accessible with a professional level of output, so there really isn’t any excuse, is there?

Play to your strengths

The world of social media marketing is maturing and specialist roles are emerging. Are you a pro at graphics? Content?  Or is copywriting your bag? Develop a niche, create a portfolio of work and sing your own praises. You’ll soon gather a broader range of skills once you’ve got your feet under the table.


Networking can come in many forms. Gather an understanding of the industry by
attending a specialist networking event, a free workshop or lecture. Do some free work experience for a local SME and talk about your goals with their existing marketing team. Create a LinkedIn profile and reach out to people with the job you want. Networking definitely isn’t just standing in a big room talking to lots of people anymore…

Consider an apprenticeship

Learning on the job is the future and more importantly a viable way to get your dream job without accumulating a huge amount of student debt. Apprenticeship programmes are becoming increasingly popular and you can see why.

Learning real, practical skills whilst you work is a win-win situation for both yourself and your employer. Choose the right company who are willing to invest in you and you may grow together for many years.

For example The Juice Academy (brainchild of Tangerine) is committed to supporting the next generation of ‘bright young things’ into the digital marketing profession. In fact, they have been training fresh talent at some of North Wests biggest brands for 4 years. What’s more, many of Tangerine’s brightest young things have come from the academy! You can find out more at http://www.juiceacademy.co.uk/


By Stefan Evans, Content Strategist