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2nd August 2018

I See You Scrollin’

Before you go to sleep, what’s the last thing you do?

For more than half of us (58%), it’s checking our phone. We check our messages, emails and social media and finally, double check the alarm.

In fact, 66% of 16-19 year olds check their phones when they wake in the night and a quarter of them actively respond to messages.

We even use our phones when we’re crossing the road (53%).

Ofcom today released figures showing that 78% of us in the UK now have a smartphone and we check our phones every 12 minutes through the day, messaging more than ever before.

We Are A Connected Generation

We are now more connected than ever before. Technology is advancing at a rate of knots, making life easier, yet more complicated at the same time.

Smartphones allowed us not only to make and receive calls on the go, but to consolidate our devices. You don’t need a camera, a watch or an address book it’s all in your phone now, you can even watch TV and movies on the go.

And in the spaces where your stuff used to be, you now have new smart or connected devices: instead of a watch, we have a smart watch that reads your messages, your heart rate and tracks your movements as well as ordering you a pizza and calling you a cab. Where your alarm clock used to be, you now have Echo and our TVs are now smart, syncing to your phones at the click of a button. In fact, you can even get a fridge that re-orders things for you from the supermarket when you use them up!

We’re Distracted With High Expectations

71% of us say that we never turn off our phones, and 78% of us say we couldn’t live without them. In fact, it’s estimated that we spend 26 hours a YEAR using our phones on the loo…grim!

Why? Because technology has taught us to expect constant distraction and interruptions that entertain and engage us ALL THE TIME.

We’re a nation of multi-taskers, watching the TV, writing an email, replying to whatsapps and shopping online all at once. We skip between tasks as our phones dictate, with notifications alerting us to messages and breaking news. We’re more productive than ever before, yet as a product of this, we’re ever more distracted.

Brands Have To Work Harder To Get Noticed

Our attention span has decreased. You’re probably skim reading this (hence the little sub-headers) while whatsapping and doing your emails, maybe even watching the TV.

Behaviour has changed, we get distracted more easily. We scroll through or social media feeds, we skim through the whatsapp conversations, we watch videos for seconds now minutes. We don’t have time to give to wait to be impressed and engaged, instead we expect more, information and entertainment, we expect it faster and we expect it slicker than ever before.

Brands need to be slicker, more relevant and more engaging than ever before to capture our attention! We may check our phones every 12 minutes, but our distraction levels mean that our focus is heavily split.

By Anna Wilson, Head of Social