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31st October 2018

Facebook: An update from Zuckerberg himself

Today saw Mr Zuckerberg release the latest Facebook update, which underlined the focuses for the business and their immediate plans for Facebook, Facebook Stories, Facebook Watch, Instagram, IGTV, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Zuckerberg’s full, war and peace style transcript can be found below; but we’re all busy bees, so please join us on a whistle stop tour of the key points and what they mean for content across the Facebook portfolio over the coming months: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10105349847863791

Overall, the plans give us as good of an indication of Facebook’s plans and priorities – it’s no secret that it likes to put added focus behind the features that strengthen the business’ position.


Facebook is envisaging that soon the platform will transition from a feed-only world to a feed-plus-stories world.

Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook is still early in the roll out for ads for Stories, so it’s unlikely that brands will see optimum performance for story ads just yet.

The goal for Facebook is to get these ads performing as good as feed ads in the near future, so the onus is on marketers to ensure their brands are at the front of the queue, essentially becoming the early adopters, to ride the wave as Facebook ramps up performance.

News Feed

This year, Facebook shifted the priority of news feed engagements to put added emphasis on ‘meaningful interactions’ – this was the move that brought an end to the ‘tag a friend’ craze.

Facebook lists its priorities for the news feed as follows – the most important note to consider here is that it’s highly likely they will prioritise organic reach for these formats:

  • Stories

  • Video

  • Communities and Groups (which brand pages can now join)


On Instagram, the priority is to improve the ‘explore’ tab. Explore already takes up about 20% of the time that people spend in Instagram but there is no ad function for it yet, so expect that to come soon as Facebook look for more ways to monetise its platforms.


Video has grown a lot on Facebook and Instagram, however, it has hit a point where it has started to overshadow the meaningful engagements that Zuckerberg talks about.

This is the reason why it has launched Facebook Watch and IGTV. Facebook has found that when users seek out video specifically, the retention of the viewer and the quality of the interaction is much higher. The most important thing here is you can see the emphasis that Facebook is putting behind these “away from feed” video experiences in a bid to combat YouTube, its #1 competitor.

Expect to see the battle between Facebook and YouTube rage on as we enter 2019.

And that’s the lot! Zuckerberg and Facebook have given hungry marketers plenty to go at for the end of 2018 and beyond. Which element of Facebook’s update are you most excited about? Drop us a tweet at @TangerineComms to join the discussion!

By Nathan Youd, Junior Planner