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The Reebok All-Terrain Series
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Spartan up with Reebok

Tangerine used humour to bring to life the benefits of Reebok’s All-Terrain series to obstacle racers, building Reebok’s market share by driving engagement, awareness, footfall and creating demand over the obstacle race season – specifically focusing on the Spartan Race.

Research indicated that activity needed to be humorous to grab the key audience’s attention, yet expert, insightful and authoritative to showcase the product and drive sales.

Obstacle races are known for people losing their shoes in the mud and it’s very much an ‘in joke’, so The Right Shoes Wrong Shoes campaign was born.

The activity was developed in partnership with Reebok’s internal team and other agencies and was split into three phases.

Pre-launch – focused on inspiring audiences. Activity included working with Spartan UK’s Race Organiser, Richard Pringle, to respond to people asking for help and advice with motivational videos.

Launch – focused on the product USPs. Activity included a ‘Break Glass In Case of Emergency’ box that race attendees who lost their shoes could get a replacement pair of All-Terrains from

Post-Launch – focused legacy and boosting sales for next season. Activity included a series of humorous content posts around epic #Fails and #Wins

“This campaign was bang on for this audience! The activity was fully integrated and was recognised internationally by both Reebok and Spartan International as a success. ” Digital Marketing Manager, Reebok UK

  • 300k + people were reached with the Right Shoe Wrong Shoe message
  • Over 15k obstacle racers engaged with the activity
  • 90% total brand keyword match
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