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Pledge 4 Plastics

The brief – to raise awareness and understanding of recycling plastics amongst UK consumers. Highlight what items can be recycled as well as the transformation journey of recyclable plastics into other plastic products. Create visual and engaging content in line with a specific on and offline media strategy.

Due to the work with current recycling client WRAP (Recycle Now), we understood the complexities of the recycling industry, and what activity would be most effective to drive awareness and engagement.

The content had to engage consumers as well as be relevant for a number of parties involved in the recycling project – local authorities and the steering group being key.

A video animation was chosen to communicate the key messages of plastics recycling. Using a family as the focus, the animation tapped into their day-to-day life showing how many items from around the home can be recycled, and what they can be recycled into. For example, shampoo bottles into a chair or a juice drinks bottle into a football shirt.

To support the animation, we executed a week long teaser campaign on the dedicated Pledge 4 Plastics Facebook and Twitter channels – all boosted with ad budget. Once live, the animation was incorporated into the social content and boosted throughout the initial week of launch and two weeks following.

Local authorities, steering group members and the packaging and recycling industries were all encouraged to share and post the content, all drafted and created by Tangerine. Stills from the animation were provided to all parties as well as vine loops and a shorter 30 second version of the video to use as additional assets.

Alongside the social activity, a range of on and offline media titles were targeted to drive views to the video as well as raise awareness of plastics recycling. Features desks, environmental contacts, news sites, bloggers, parenting sites and news agencies were all included in the outreach.

  • Coverage secured in the Daily Express and Guardian online
  • Trade coverage in titles such as Resource and Plastic in Packaging
  • Over 150,000 views, exceeding the KPI by over 80,000
  • Total reach of 985,394 - a 394% success rate
  • The animation outperformed on all social KPIs set including views, reach and fan acquisition
  • “Engaging and educating the consumer about the benefits of plastics recycling is a foundation of Pledge 4 Plastics’ aims. Through working in partnership with Tangerine, a brilliant animation was developed and promoted that really brought plastics recycling to life, and has been excellently received from consumers and industry experts alike, with views and reach both well exceeding targets.” - Steve Morgan, Technical Manager, Pledge 4 Plastics
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