Iceland Foods
Leveraging Iceland’s presence in the Euros

We helped leverage Iceland’s presence in the Euros to maximise awareness of the brand and its product range among a new, younger audience with ‘butterfly shopping habits’ with a view to supporting Iceland Foods’ sales during a key period and getting cut through during a competitive period in the grocery sector on a limited budget.

During the qualification stages of the Euros, football fans began congratulating Iceland Foods on the Icelandic National Football Team’s performance.

Based on this, Tangerine worked with Iceland Foods’ Social Media Manager – Andy Thompson, and Social Media Content Co-Ordinator – Wendy Cheung, to maximise the opportunity. This included creating bespoke social content to be posted for the games and live posting through the games, using a witty and humorous tone of voice that would resonate with these audiences, for example, responding to Iceland’s win against England with a witty tweet that received national recognition.

Wider activity included: sponsorship of the Icelandic Football team, creation of social content featuring Iceland Foods Vs Iceland national team, an influencer social partnership, paid social and a Twitter bet with Carlsberg.

  • Reached 73,395,010 people
  • Retweeted more than 51,329 times
  • Received 9,116 mentions
  • More than 45,470 likes
  • We scooped 'Best Community Engagement' at the UK Social Media Communications awards, ahead of names like Energizer and the FA Cup
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