In the Know

With 1,200 people working different shifts across its two sites in Northern Ireland and England, Encirc needed a new and engaging way to communicate with staff and help reinforce its values and culture.

Services deployed on this project

We visited both factories and met with staff members from across the business to get a true understanding of how embedded the culture was, and what methods of communication were going to be the most effective.

Using the results of this audit, the Tangerine team recommended creating a monthly staff magazine, which would help staff understand what each part of the business does, while getting to know their colleagues better and enabling them to ‘live the Encirc brand’.

We used questionnaires as well as feedback sessions with staff to ensure to content and format would be as appealing and engaging as possible. We also established a specific tone of voice that reflected the brand personality and was tailored to the audience.

Regular features include:

  • Business and people news and developments
  • Industry updates
  • Team profiles, focusing on individuals’ roles and interests
  • Round up of corporate and individual charity and fundraising activity


  • Encirc Matters is published each month, with 2,000 issues being distributed across the two sites.
  • The amount of suggestions and content received from across the business demonstrates buy-in and engagement from employees, and means the magazine is planned and layout is agreed two months in advance
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