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81,000 gems. Two celebrities. One car...
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Peugeot asked us to generate excitement, talkability and buzz around its sports model, the RCZ – focusing on a young, affluent audience.

We knew that to generate excitement, we would have to deliver something fun, fresh and different. So, to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee, we covered an RCZ car in 81,000 gems and launched the new, ‘bling’ version at the Cutty Sark, in Greenwich.

Two stars from The Only Way is Essex – Billie Mucklow and Cara Kilbey – were the ambassadors, adding ‘vajazzle’ to the RCZ and creating a storm of media interest.

Media coverage was phenomenally successful. The launch attracted journalists and photographers from a huge number of major UK publications, including the Daily Mail and Heat, as well as creating excitement for the general public.

An online film for Peugeot’s Youtube channel and a test-drive for the Scottish Sun’s motoring editor all added to the hype and broadened the campaign’s reach, while Paparazzi shots of the duo continued to gain exposure for the car, weeks after the initial launch.

“This campaign totally exceeded our expectations. It brought huge amounts of key national coverage and became a talking point for the general public, but it was more than a stunt: it was a truly creative campaign that brilliantly communicated the key and appealing features of the car to our core demographic. It gave us a significant increase in sales leads for a car that has premium position in the UK. Thank you, Tangerine!” Head of Peugeot PR

  • The stunt led to a 27% increase in average RCZ sales leads in the two weeks following
  • 34 pieces of print and online coverage – including 11 national pieces
  • Reach of 263,558,193
  • YouTube video views of over 21,000
  • Winner of the CIPR Excellence ‘Best Automotive Campaign’ award 2013
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