The Team

The most important thing about Tangerine without doubt is our people. Every single Tangerine is passionate about everything PR and digital, and committed to delivering great work for each and every client 

Whether B2B or B2C, each consultant is commercially aware of the sectors in which they operate and develops channel-neutral strategies and campaigns which achieve meaningful results

With honesty, courtesy and respect at the core of the business, the team provides the best advice, day-to-day across all communications channels.

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  • Aaron


    As a rule, our Aaron’s an amiable guy,

    But walk slowly in front of him and sparks will fly,

    You’ll find him crooning along with The Smiths’ poetry,

    Or having a groove to old-school R’n’B,

    And nothing fills him with more pride,

    Than taking Uni Challenge in his stride.


  • Adele


    A super skier, our Adele’s always on the piste

    She’s a vegetarian but she loves a fish feast

    Always up for a good movie, especially if it’s sci-fi

    Apostrophes in the wrong place… why, just why?

    A self-confessed fitness freak, Adele feels the burn

    But back to apostrophes, why don’t they learn?


  • Amy


    Meet Amy, our girl from Liverpool

    Take her to see the latest action thriller and you’re cool

    She loves her Springer Spaniels, one’s called Jake

    The other is deaf, blind, lovely Bob – he really takes the cake

    Amy hates greasy food on her hands, we’ve heard talk

    She even eats toast with a knife and fork


  • Amy Coney Website

    Amy C

    A bit of a free spirit, our Amy can’t be bound,

    She loves to explore and travel around,

    Always cheery when people are round hers,

    For parties, dinner, chilling – whatever occurs,

    That’s only beaten by having a brush in hand,

    Painting what creativity demands

    Amy C

  • Andrea L

    Andrea L

    Ten years Andrea spent PRing down south

    Until the call of the North coaxed her out

    Swapping high heels for muddy boots makes her jolly

    On those long walks with her black lab, Molly

    When she’s not playing dinosaurs with her boy Sammy, three

    Watching a good boxset makes her happy as can be

    Andrea L

  • Anna W


    Next up is our girl called Anna

    She’s got one of those broad Brummie manners

    With her trainers on, she’s always on the run

    Her creative mind just loves a good pun

    Standing at just five feet zero

    G.I. Jane is her undoubted hero


  • Ash P


    So, this chap over here is our Ash

    He’s the man who looks after the cash

    His handwriting is oh so very neat

    And his sense of humour you just can’t beat

    He loves to iron as his favourite past time

    He removes those stubborn creases just fine


  • Bryony


    Here’s our Bry, finding her is an easy game

    As she’s the only person in the world with her name

    With roots in Ukraine, she’s a Yorkshire lass born and bred

    But she wants to travel the world and paint the towns red

    A lover of food, her nickname is BryPie

    She’ll eat anything that catches her eye


  • Calum


    Here’s our straightforward Ilkley lad, Calum

    Don’t spell it with two Ls or an N – like column,

    A secret country music fan, he enjoys a heartfelt wail,

    But not nearly as much as pie and a nice ale,

    As a news junkie, the web is a goldmine,

    If only it wasn’t full of people having a whine.


  • Caron


    Give our Caron a G&T or two

    And you might find her accent goes a bit ‘didgeridoo’

    It can’t be helped when she’s lived in Australia and Canada

    She doesn’t like litter but rudeness makes her madder

    After a hard session at CrossFit, as a bit of a treat

    She will bake all the chocolate cake you can eat


  • Cerys


    Our Cerys likes Pina Coladas a lot

    And getting caught in the rain.. not

    When it comes to eating pizza

    No one will ever beat her

    She has a tiny head, as you can see

    Her friends think it’s the size of a pea


  • Charley


    This is Charley, our Tudors buff

    With Elizabeth I, she just can’t get enough

    She’s something of a social media whizz

    And she loves nothing more than a good pub quiz

    If you’re going to laugh, don’t say LOL

    Because for Charley, text speak takes its toll


  • Dave G


    He’s a granddad but doesn’t look old enough

    When it comes to media, our Dave gets tough

    A proud red, he loves his football

    Want a contact? Dave’s got them all

    Loves a day at the races, place your pounds

    A proper Manc gent, our Dave is sound


  • Emma C

    Emma C

    She loves to cry at weddings, this is our Em

    She hates spiders, runs at the sight of them

    A lover of caffeine and anything fizzy

    By her own admission, she can be a bit dizzy

    If Em was in a Disney film, she’d be Belle

    She can play the electronic organ as well

    Emma C

  • Emma S

    Emma S

    Of all Emma’s hobbies, cheerleading’s number 1

    She swears by all five films of Bring it On

    Pretty jewellery, she wants to collect it all

    Cucumber in her G&T is always a good call

    An English Lit graduate, she loves reading

    And did we mention she likes cheerleading?

    Emma S

  • Fiona


    Our Fiona, or Macka Packa, makes us laugh and cheer

    Here’s Tangerine’s 2013 Comedian of the Year

    She cries at Hunger Games, Batman makes her curse

    People walking slowly? There’s nothing worse

    She won’t eat them, but she comes from Leek

    And Gwen Stefani once pinched her cheek


  • Hannah Ingram

    Hannah I

    She likes to whip up cookies and sweets

    They’re always the office’s favourite treats

    It’s safe to say her purple obsession

    Definitely needs a bit of suppression

    Hannah’s middle name is Cherry

    In her spare time, she supports Bury

    Hannah I

  • Hannah Stirling

    Hannah S

    She’s the newest Hannah on Tangerine turf

    And despite the cold, she loves to surf

    She feels middle aged before her time

    Grammar offenders make her burn inside

    She loves the drama, talks about everything

    That’s our girl, it’s Hannah Stirling

    Hannah S

  • Harriett Geoghegan Website


    Our Harriet’s a girl of expensive taste,

    Who’d never let good champagne go to waste,

    Singing to 90s classics is the bomb,

    But loud eaters maker her vom,

    Although she’s a bit of a drama queen,

    Our chatty Harriet isn’t one to be mean


  • Helena


    So here’s our Helena, or Hels to her mates

    She enjoys a good boogie but hates staying out too late

    A self-diagnosed clean and tidy freak

    She’ll try anything foodie, wheat free and unique

    A special combination of Mancunian and Liverpool FC fan,

    With a love of hot yoga and running, she’s got fitness on her plan!


  • Hollie


    Being super tidy puts a smile on our Hollie’s face,

    So she never has a long blonde hair out of place,

    If her emails are in the right folders she’s happy as can be,

    It has to be said, she’s more than a bit OCD,

    For travelling and Liverpool FC she has real passion,

    She obsesses about Stevie G like it’s going out of fashion!


  • Ian P


    Our Ian loves to walk, he loves to mooch

    But always with Jake, his favourite pooch

    Going to the dentist is his biggest fear

    But coffee afterwards raises a cheer

    He likes to discover the strengths we’ve got

    Focus on who you are, rather than who you’re not


  • Jen


    When it comes to luck, Jen's a bit baffled

    As she once won a pack of tissues in a raffle

    And don’t talk to her about that one fateful haircut

    She looked like Claire Balding, the name ‘Balders’ stuck

    Running, surfing, hiking, she loves to be outside

    She commutes on a vintage girly bike, it's a lovely ride


  • Jess Matthewman


    Who’s that girl? Oh look, it’s Jess!

    When it comes to rocking a cape, she’s the best

    With super long hair down to her knees

    She provides endless supplies of cookies

    With a Blackburn accent, she brightens up our day

    But really, that’s just the Jess way


  • Jo H

    Jo H

    Jo Hart is our resident spreadsheets geek

    She could stay in Excel for the whole of the week

    She’s definitely a person of contrast

    The geek façade doesn’t always last

    Especially when she hears Cheryl Cole

    She’s not that Joe Hart who plays in goal

    Jo H

  • Jo D

    Jo T

    Now it’s our Jo Taylor’s turn

    Her hero is Miss Audrey Hepburn

    Cocktails quench this girl’s thirst

    She’s the one who gets served first

    Her wardrobe’s full of sky-high heels

    She also loves a slick set of wheels

    Jo T

  • Jody


    Our apprentice Jody has an inquisitive mind,

    So she always knows the right question to find,

    Being a bit OCD, untidiness makes her frown,

    Absolutely everything must be written down!

    She does enjoy a romcom, it has to be said,

    But there’s a special place in her heart for garlic bread.


  • Jonny


    Jonny’d think of himself as normal, but we’d disagree

    Just teasing – he’s really lovely!

    With his fear of geese, perhaps his days would be brighter

    If Tangerine wasn’t surrounded by the blighters

    Our Jonny can eat more than you’ve ever seen

    He has five cookies every day – he’s a machine!


  • Kate B


    This lady in her shades keeps very cool

    Chilling all day on a lounger by the pool

    She’s an experienced Ibiza club hopper

    On her night, you just can’t stop her

    She’s gone from black to a shade of red

    For her hair, on top of her head


  • Katy


    With the world’s cutest surname, this is Katy Curley

    She’s obsessed with nail polish, she’s very girly

    She won’t be without her beloved Elle mag

    Her favourite drink involves a good old tea bag

    Her ultimate hero is Beyonce, what a diva

    Joan Rivers gives this girl the laughing fever


  • Kirsty


    Clowns make our Kirsty scream with fright

    She likes festivals, specially the Isle of Wight

    Salted caramel ice cream is on her list of wins

    She’s known for finding holiday bargains

    If you want anything organising, she’s your girl

    As long as it’s fun, she’ll give it a whirl


  • Laura L

    Laura L

    Want our Laura and don’t know where to look?

    Why, she’s over there, with her nose in a book

    Stephen King is her author of choice

    And she’ll only stop singing when she loses her voice

    Americanised sayings cause her offence  

    ‘I could care less’ – it doesn’t even make sense!

    Laura L

  • Laura M

    Laura M

    Obsessed with all things French, this is Laura

    Macaroons are the only thing for her

    She lived in France for two years, how chic

    She’s not a fan of rats, they make her shriek

    Hailing from the Cotswolds, she used to fence

    She loves a period drama, how very tense

    Laura M

  • Lisa


    This is our Lisa, she’s our Welsh wonder

    People falling over are her favourite blunder

    She blags her way into clubs to do the robot

    She loves German food and eats cheese a lot

    Likened to Sandra Bullock, Lisa’s walking tall

    Except when rollerblading, she might just fall


  • Lucy


    Her beloved Grandma is Lucy’s hero

    She showed her wisdom and how to sew

    She’s called Juice by her friends

    Her vintage dress collection never ends

    Organising cool parties ranks high

    She even created the Manchester WI


  • Manisha


    Don’t let our Manisha’s small stature fool you for long,

    Spin and body combat classes have made her strong,

    For her, the simple things are where it’s at,

    Like her friends, family and Arg the cat,

    As an avid traveller, South East Asia sounds like bliss,

    But for now, a lovely bar of chocolate wouldn’t go amiss.


  • Martin Kevill


    That’s our Martin over there, you can see

    Weird Horse is his life’s baby

    His pony-based, a-neigh-zing lyrics

    Are definitely more than just gimmicks

    For every trotting-based post and antic

    Makes Twitter react and go frantic


  • Mary Harding


    She's a bit posh, or so people say

    Mary, or Mazza, brightens our day

    Hard core exercise is her favourite feed

    She also loves a little bit of tweed

    She's only tiny, but as fast as can be

    Our Mary admits she's sports crazy


  • Mel


    Mel supports Dundee United, who wear tangerine

    So one of us, she’s always been

    Bad wine makes this lady mad

    Marzipan on cakes is just plain bad

    Craft ale is a favourite for this proud Scot

    Pesky pooches make her laugh a lot


  • Melissa


    Our Melissa loves to bask in the sun’s warm glow,

    So why she moved to Manchester, we’ll never know,

    She’s so ambitious, nothing will stand in her way,

    Not even slow-walking groups of people, OK?

    Like a Disney princess, she loves to walk and sing,

    Doing both at the same time – now there’s the tricky thing.


  • Mike


    This is Michael, his hero is Terry Pratchett

    If you mess with his lawn, you’d better watch it

    He calls himself a bookworm and an enormous geek

    The Daily Mail makes him laugh, cry and shriek

    Known as Jeremy at school, that guy from Airport

    But he’d rather be Gandalf, what a thought!


  • Molly


    Our well-spoken Londoner, this is Molly

    Happy and smiley, she’s ever so jolly

    Coronation Street makes her cry

    There’s nothing worse than a pesky fly

    She enjoys Real Housewives of everywhere

    Really trashy TV is her love, so there


  • Nathan


    This is Nathan, the apprentice we hired

    When it comes to footy, he’s never tired

    Nicknamed Google for knowing a great deal

    Wembley charged him £8.40 for a meal

    A proud football fan, he’s definitely a red

    His parrot Monty can talk, or so he said


  • Rachel B


    Volcano boarding, rainforest skywalking – you name it

    We’ll sit here while Rachel tries to tame it

    An adrenaline junkie with a heart of gold

    She helped children in Ghana, so we’re told

    At the end of the day, when her adventuring is through

    Her dad is her hero – and Shar Pei Philip, too


  • Rebecca

    Rebecca F

    This is Becci, our snazzy snowboarder

    She’s definitely a horror film hoarder

    She likes to keep things edgy

    As she’s an animal-loving veggie

    And when she’s had enough of the snow

    That guy Dumbledore is her hero 

    Rebecca F

  • Rebecca P

    Rebecca P

    With Rebecca, it’s always going to be extreme

    She likes things neat and tidy, she’s OCD for clean

    Obsessed with Robbie Williams and a nice brew

    Watching Disney films is her favourite thing to do

    She’s quite sporty and always on the move

    If she’s feeling hungry, don’t move her food

    Rebecca P

  • Sally Website


    In years gone by Sally’s travelled the world,

    But that’s slowed with the arrival of her girls,

    She loves her family with all her heart,

    They like to spot an Eddie Stobart,

    Sounds a bit strange but feels so right,

    Or is it left? She can’t tell, try as she might


  • Sam G

    Sam G

    Our Sam is a fussy one with food

    She can’t stand the painfully rude

    Hoggers on the road make her mad

    And time wasters always make her sad

    But this lady’s definitely not a phase

    Especially when saying ‘totes amaze’

    Sam G

  • Sam S

    Sam S

    Here, an inconsistency,


    Sam has a haiku,


    He thought to ask

    Sam S

  • Sandy


    This is our Sandy, and Twitter’s her treat

    Even in Thailand, she can’t resist a tweet

    She’s in a book club, but it’s always about wine

    Man United takes up a lot of her time

    Anything chocolate-themed will go down well

    Although vodka-flavoured is just as swell


  • Sarah H


    So this is Sarah, she’s got curly hair

    She loves grammar - why’s a question mark there?

    She likes things in order, otherwise she gets mad

    Don’t pop painkillers in no order, that’s just bad

    She’s a mummy to Isaac and Lucas, her tiny two

    For them, there’s nothing she wouldn’t do


  • Sean


    If our night owl Sean could have his way,

    He’d wake at night and sleep all day,

    In his eyes graphic design is a right hoot,

    Almost as fun as retro Crash Bandicoot!

    Watching a good box-set gets him whooping,

    And he once spent ten minutes hula-hooping


  • Sue


    Sue’s voice is amazing, it’s just so smooth

    She’s our receptionist, the opposite of uncouth

    If you’ve got a dilemma, she’s got the time

    And she loves a glass of chilled white wine

    She’s one of the first in the building every day

    Keeping an eye on us, in her own special way


  • Tom Gibson Website


    Our Tom rocks up to work on a motorbike,

    And with his mates he’s chirpy as you like,

    A bit of a live wire, he hates staying in,

    For him slow walkers wear a bit thin,

    Partial to a spot of snooker, played on the ‘baize’

    Football and golf are also a bit of a craze


  • Vicki L


    Taking on the track and field

    To our girl Vicki, has always appealed

    She’s our Tangerine tomboy sports star

    Who you’ll most likely find at the bar

    Even with athletics, she’s still got the time

    For a thirst-quenching mojito and lime!


  • Victoria


    This lady is Victoria McDougall

    When it comes to chocolate, she’s not frugal

    Ariel the mermaid is her fictional hero

    Anything with legs and wings has to go

    Her favourite thing is a Sunday dinner

    Roast her a chicken and you’re onto a winner